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Nuts About Squirrels is the place to find rehabber approved nesting boxes, feeders for squirrels, birds and other wildlife as well as lots of gift items for squirrel lovers.

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Basic Squirrel Nesting Boxes

Basic nesting boxes are wonderful starter boxes for squirrel lovers as well as great boxes for sturdy rehabber cages.
Free shipping via UPS to the contiguous US.

All houses feature:

  • Left side doors for easy cleaning
  • Exterior guard blocks on entrance hole
  • Interior guards right below the entrance hole
  • Grip strips on three sides
  • Air holes on 3 sides.
  • Drainage holes underneath.
  • Two exterior grade screws for mounting

All houses are made from unfinished pine. We do not use cedar as it contains oils and perfumes which aren't recommended by the rehabbers we work with. You can seal the houses yourself with a low or no VOC sealer or have us do it for you for an upcharge.

All of our boxes are species specific. These boxes are for Eastern greys or fox squirrels. if you need a red squirrel house or flyer house please check out those sections. If you don't know what kind of squirrel you have please message me with a picture and I will help you find the appropriate box.

All nesting boxes and feeders are generally built and shipped within 3-5 business days via USPS.

Deluxe Squirrel Nesting Boxes

All deluxe houses come with a free tree mounted feeder (#F1) while supplies last!

All boxes and feeders are made to order within 3-7 days. Free shipping via UPS to the contiguous US.

Deluxe houses offer more protection, porches and extended roofs for your critters.

All deluxe houses include:

  • A housewarming kit which may include some of the following; nesting material and some snacks. All items are subject to availability and may change at any time.
  • Made from 3/4" pine
  • Air flow/drainage holes in sides and bottom
  • 3" entrance hole
  • Exterior predator guard w/ capped back
  • Door with screw closure for easy cleaning
  • Covered porch(es)
  • Grip strips on three sides for climbing
  • Two 2" exterior grade mounting screws and instructions

These houses are made for grey squirrels or fox squirrels. If you need a house for a red or a flyer please check out those categories. If you don't know what kind of squirrel you have please send me a picture and I will help you find an appropriate house.

Release Cage Boxes

Free shipping via UPS to the contiguous US.

These houses are for release cage or NR cages only.

They come with bolts, wingnuts and washers to attach to bars not to a tree.

They also offer no protection from predators.

Flying Squirrel Houses

Free shipping via UPS to the contiguous US.

These houses are for northern or southern flying squirrels. They have 1.5" entrances holes and will not fit greys, foxers or reds.

Red Squirrel Houses

Red squirrel houses are made for red squirrels or Douglas squirrels. They feature 2" entrance holes and will not fit greys or foxers.

Free shipping via UPS to the contiguous US.

Please check out our "Deluxe Squirrel Houses" to turn any of them into a red squirrel deluxe condo.

Other Critter Houses

An ever growing collection of houses for domestic and wild critters.

Free shipping via UPS to the contiguous US.

Squirrel & Bird Feeders

A collection of feeders for your wild friends.

Please be aware that there is currently a paint shortage in

the US and some colors may not be available at this time.

Free shipping via UPS to the contiguous US.

Why Choose Us?

NAS has worked with rehabbers since 2010 to design and build the absolute best squirrel houses on the market.

We release squirrels for our local rehab and proceeds from items sold go to help the animals in our  care.

Jun 9, 2020

5 out of 5 stars

I love my new squirrel house and I love NutsAboutSkwerls! It is constructed with detail and quality and arrived within a week! I just got it up and don't have a resident just yet but I know they are out there as they love the water bucket as seen on camera and are at a higher elevation in the tree. Thank you so much!


Carol on Jun 8, 2020

5 out of 5 stars

These Squirrel nesting boxes are absolutely beautiful! They look like squirrel condos! They appear to be very safe, they have a guarded door, a porch and are very sturdy. You will not find a better quality nesting box/condo anywhere. The craftsmanship alone is enough to tell you the builder cares about what he is doing.


I ordered 4 boxes and they are really sturdy and great quality! They are bigger than I thought (which is awesome)! I will definitely be ordering more of these in the near future.


Zoomie, our rescued squirrel loves is box. After a slow release he is outside on our maple tree. It took him four days to accept the box in his pre-release cage. Very well made sturdy nestbox. Thanks!


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